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Uniform Policy

Standard Uniform

At Malden Parochial Church of England Primary School we expect all children to wear the correct school uniform.


Our winter uniform is worn after the October half term and consists of blue shirt/blue blouse, navy skirt or pinafore and navy jumper/navy cardigan and school tie. If there are any difficulties with the uniform please ask at the school office, rather than asking your child.


School shoes should be black. A Velcro fastening should be used for the younger children. Open-toed sandals and trainers are not permitted. Suitable safe footwear should be provided at all times, including on non-uniform days.

If your child should lose any clothing, staff will help to find and return items of clothing that are clearly labelled.


Long hair should be tied back at all times. Hooped earrings are not permitted, but small studs can be worn in the ears and must be covered with tape for PE lessons. Jewellery is not permitted unless for religious reasons. If you wish your child to wear jewellery for a religious reason, please contact the head teacher. 

Boys Winter uniform

  • Grey trousers
  • Blue shirt
  • Grey socks
  • Navy pullover
  • School tie
  • Black shoes


Boys Summer uniform

  • Blue polo shirt
  • Grey trousers or shorts

Girls Winter uniform

  • Navy blue pinafore dress or navy blue skirt
  • Navy blue pullover or cardigan
  • Blue blouse
  • School tie
  • White socks/navy blue tights
  • Black or navy blue shoes


Girls Summer uniform

  • Blue check/gingham dress



P.E. Kit

Blue school logoed t-shirts are worn by the infant and junior children.

Blue shorts are worn throughout.

School Uniform Provider Information:

Schoolwear Inc Ltd 
198 - 202 Cheam Common Road

Worcester Park



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