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EYFS - Nur/Rec

A Great Big Cuddle - Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen's poems for very young children. The poems are accessible and playful, designed to capture elements of life that very small children can relate to; choosing toys, falling into a puddle or waiting for lunchtime to come. A brilliant introduction to poetry that engages young children with rhythmic and playful verses that are easy to join in with and learn by heart. 





Poems Out Loud - Laurie Stansfield & Various Poets

A collection of illustrated verses from a range of contemporary children's poets, performers and hip-hop artists. The poems have been selected for their suitability to read aloud and cover topics like minibeasts, pirates, animals and night time.







Zim Zam Zoom - James Carter & Nicola Colton

A collection of sixteen energetic poems and rhymes to ignite the senses, with topics including fireworks, food, dragons and splashy puddles. Colourful illustrations make the book a delight to look at as well as to listen to being read aloud.





My Village: Rhymes from Around the WorldDanielle Wright & Mique Moriuchi

22 nursery rhymes from different countries around the globe, with each poem appearing in its own language next to an English translation. Examples include 'Song of Kites' from Japan,  'Spotty Spider' from Tonga and 'Snowman Frost' from Denmark. The selected poems are short, playful and set on full-colour illustrated spreads. 







Mad About Dinosaurs!

Commotion in the Ocean

Giles Andreae & David Wojtowycz

A collection of catchy poems about the different sorts of dinosaurs and creatures in the ocean. These rhymes are ideal for reading aloud and learning by heart.






Wriggle and RoarJulia Donaldson and Nick Sharatt

There are rhymes to make you wriggle and giggle, shrug and sigh, snap like a crocodile and slither like a snake.









Out and About Shirley Hughes

A collection of poems about Katie and her little brother Olly who go out and about, romping through the changing seasons. They take pleasure in the different elements and weather conditions – sunshine, wind, rain, mist and even snow. From the joys of the seaside to the miseries of being poorly.


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