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Malden Parochial Church of England Primary School

Malden Parochial

Church of England Primary School

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Love, Learn, Live!

Our vision

Vision for the children at our church school

At our Church of England Primary School, we seek excellence through concern for individual well-being and the setting of high standards for pupils and staff.

We offer a community where pupils feel safe, supported and listened to, and a school where families are proud to send their children.

In years to come, if our pupils look back on their primary school years and reflect on how happy they were, and how well they were prepared for their future life, we will have achieved our aims and realised our vision.


Our Core Christian Values  

Our core Christian values of respect, forgiveness, honesty, perseverance, compassion and love prepare our pupilsto become life-long learners, able to face the world calmly, confidently and creatively.   



Helping children to forgive is fundamental to living a healthy lifestyle. At Malden Parochial we ask children to talk about their feelings when they are hurt, sad or annoyed.

The language of forgiveness can be used at anytime, anywhere. It heals a friendship and recognises that poor choices can deserve a second chance.

Children reflect on their own thoughts and actions, and learn to forgive themselves.

Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must forgive others.
Colossians 3.13



Teaching children the importance of honesty will help them establish positive and trusting relationships throughout their lives.

Children will be taught and encouraged to be honest. Staff will model honesty and integrity, and make it evident that they value honesty. Children will be encouraged to reflect on what they have said and helped to correct their mistakes on their own.

When honesty prevails and mistakes are admitted children will be credited for being truthful.

Tell the truth to each other.
Zechariah 8.16



Perseverance is a character strength through which we aim to build confidence, resilience and independence.

Sustained effort is an essential skill for all learners as undertaking a complex task can be a challenge.  Children will be provided with opportunities to set goals and see their persistence pay off.

At Malden Parochial, we instil in the minds of our children that they can and will succeed.  

Suffering produces perseverance, and perseverance produces character, and character produces hope.
Romans 5:3-4



Compassion is having deep feelings of concern for others and having the courage to listen and get involved. This is one of the most important of human values.

Feelings of anxiety for the plight of others develops as a sense of being connected to the school community grows. This occurs when a child experiences kindness and consideration from others and comes to value and care for them in return.

Children learn that compassion is much stronger than sympathy; it is about standing in someone else’s shoes when they are having hard time, even if it could involve the disapproval of others.   

The Lord is gracious and compassionate: slow to anger and rich in love.
Psalm 145:8



Mutual respect is at the heart of all that we do and underpins our teaching of British Values.

We accept our differences and confront prejudice and discrimination. We expect children to treat each other with kindness and respect. Children are taught that their behaviour has an effect on their rights and the rights of others.   

At Malden Parochial our community is deeply committed to equity and respect as part of the educational experience we offer. We teach children to take responsibility for what they say and do and respect all people.    

Do to others as you would have them do to you.
Matthew 7.12



Love is the solution to bringing about peace and happiness in our school and across all communities.

By encouraging our pupils to engage in acceptance and fairness, we believe our school community will thrive and relationships will be positive. When relationships are broken, with love, they can be healed.

We teach that love is essential throughout our lives even from the moment we are born. Our Malden Parochial ‘team’ encourage love for one another and love for our God.

Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. The second commandment is like it, you shall love your neighbour as yourself”
Matthew 22:36-40



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