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Malden Parochial Church of England Primary School


Malden Parochial
Church of England Primary School

Our aspirations for the next 3 - 5 years

To show every child who comes to Malden Parochial they are valued and cared for within a school community that has high aspirations for them now and for their future lives.

If Malden Parochial children look back in years to come and feel that the school made a positive difference to their lives, we will have succeeded.

We shall aspire to do this through:


  • High quality and inspirational teaching
  • Motivational, dedicated and accountable leadership at all levels
  • Consistently high expectations academically, socially and morally for each child within our school
  • Creative, exciting and memorable experiences inside and outside the classroom
  • A safe, secure and stimulating environment in which to work, learn and play


Strategic intentions for Malden Parochial Church of England Primary School

Our children will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop the resilience and self-belief needed to tackle challenges confidently
  • Enjoy their time at school making good relationships and lasting friendships
  • Be recognised as individuals with individual needs
  • Recognise and celebrate diversity
  • Acquire the skills and commitment that will set them on the path of becoming successful and independent life-long learners
  • Receive recognition and praise for their efforts and achievements in all areas of school life
  • Be active members who contribute to the school and wider community

Staff and their need to:

  • Receive innovative, developmental and effective training
  • Be supported, cared for, challenged and valued
  • Feel trusted and empowered to take risks with their teaching
  • Have opportunities to develop and fulfil their leadership potential  
  • Participate in, contribute to and benefit from partnerships and educational communities beyond the school
  • Be a cohesive group with time and opportunities to develop partnerships and relationships with others within and external to the school
  • Enjoy their work and find it fulfilling

Parents and carers and their need to:

  • Receive regular quality information, advice and guidance in order to fulfil their roles as key partners in their child’s learning and social development
  • Demonstrate commitment to supporting their child and school
  • Have opportunities and be encouraged to provide feedback and contribute to the development and maintenance of Malden Parochial Church of England Primary School

Governors and their need to:

  • Be ambitious and aspirant in setting the strategic direction for the school
  • Inform themselves of educational thinking and developments at local and national level    
  • Embrace partnership working where this is of benefit to the children, staff and governors
  • Develop new and alternative models of governance which respond to the changing needs of the school and government initiatives
  • Exercise rigour in monitoring and evaluating the school’s progress and the extent to which the school experience is worthwhile for all
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