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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Children may experience some form of learning barrier during their time at school. There are a wide variety of special educational needs that may mean a child requires additional support during all or part of their time at school. Special needs may be connected with hearing, speech or sight, emotional or behavioural issues and difficulties associated with aspects of language or mathematical work.

Every effort is made to identify children who have special educational needs at an early age. The SEN Register is reviewed twice a year and parents are actively encouraged to meet with the class teacher and SEN coordinator if they have a concern regarding their child’s progress.

Children having special needs can be supported in a number of ways. They may be taught individually, within small groups or by the class teacher or special needs assistant teacher within the class.

Specialists can be brought in to advise the class teacher, teaching assistants and the SEN coordinator. The school believes that all children should be supported to achieve their potential and every effort is made to provide appropriate support for individual pupils.

The school has restricted accessibility for wheelchair users.


More Able Pupils

Children also have specific learning needs if they are able and may require support across one or more subject areas. Malden Parochial has a very clear policy for able pupils. We are aware that able pupils need extension activities and challenging situations within which to work and progress.

We recognise the need for able pupils to be supported as they develop into highly skilled and adaptable students who are able to reach their full potential and meet the demands of our society.

Extra Curricular Activities

Creativity Clubs are run by teachers and teaching assistants during school time twice a year and are designed to promote independent thinking and allow children to develop a wider range of skills.

After school clubs vary year by year - some incur a charge and others are organised by staff and parents on a voluntary basis. Currently clubs on offer are: Art/DT, Orchestra, Choir, Chess and Football.

We are grateful for the time and commitment given by our teachers and parents to give such exciting opportunities for our children. These activities assist the development of confidence and maturity in the primary child.

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