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Malden Parochial Church of England Primary School

Malden Parochial

Church of England Primary School

Love, Learn, Live!

School Staff


Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mrs Susan Pavlis

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Fiona McConville

School Business ManagerMrs Antoinette Rotherham

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Phase Leader / SENDCo - Mrs Karen Lord

Key Stage 2 Phase Leader - Miss Michelle Newman 



Safeguarding Officers

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Mrs Fiona McConville  
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) / Mrs Karen Lord 



     Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery Teacher - Mrs Pippa Taylor  
Nursery Nurse - Mrs Debbie Harrison 



Class Teacher - Mrs Rachael Macreadie  

Class Teacher - Mrs Karen Lord  

Nursery Nurse - Mrs Zoe Palmer 



Key Stage 1

Year 1

1LH Class Teacher - Mrs Lucy Holding 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Paula Phillips 

Learning Support Assistant - Mr Shahid Aziz 


Year 2

  2FC Class Teacher - Mrs Felicity Coyne 

  Teaching Assistant - Ms Evie Oszlacs 

Key Stage 2 

Year 3 

3AD Class Teacher - Mr Alec Dowie 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Sarah Hough  


Year 4

4MN Class Teacher - Miss Michelle Newman 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Kay Gooud


Year 5 

5ED Class Teacher - Miss Eemma Davies  

 School Direct student teacherMiss Laura Ratcliffe 


Year 6

6NM Class Teacher - Miss Natalie Martin

Teaching Assistant / IT Technician -  Mr Mark Cooper



School Administrator - Mrs Jane Goodwin

School Administrator - Miss Molly Reeve

Site Manager - Mr Steve Harvey 


Non-class based

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Fiona McConville

Class support and PPA cover - Ms Aisha Masood

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Sarah Hough




Qualified in First Aid

Zoe Palmer
Paula Phillips
Mark Cooper
Shahid Aziz
Jane Goodwin

Molly Reeve

Trained Fire Marshalls

Steve Harvey
Zoe Palmer
Paula Phillips
Mark Cooper
Antoinette Rotherham
Jane Goodwin
Kay Gooud





Catering staff are employees of ISS

Additional cleaners are employees of Clean Sweep 


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